Pet Dental Services

Oral health increases your pet’s wellbeing, adds to its longevity and makes it more pleasant to be around.  Dental hygiene is an important part of your pet's health, and poor hygiene can be the cause of serious illness. If not treated properly, dental problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease can often lead to serious systemic problems in your pet due to oral bacteria entering the bloodstream and stressing vital organs. Preventative veterinary care includes periodic dental exams and teeth cleanings. 

Starting with your pet's first exam, our doctors examine your pet's mouth for any signs of discomfort or disease. Your doctor also sets up an individualized plan to care for your pet's healthy teeth and mouth with home care and regular exams. When it becomes necessary to bring your dog or cat in for a dental cleaning, our doctors will anesthetize your pet to avoid any discomfort or stress.

Our dental services include:

  • Oral / dental examinations

  • Dental cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatments

  • Dental x-rays

  • Extractions