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Pet Hospitalization in Everett

Compassionate Supervision & Medical Care

If your pet is experiencing a health issue that requires prolonged monitoring or ongoing care, Diamond Veterinary Hospital is equipped to help. As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited practice, we are fully equipped to provide 24/7 care and monitoring for your pet.

Our hospitalization services include:

  • Oxygen therapy
  • ICU
  • Isolation
  • ECG monitoring
  • Blood transfusion
  • General care

Our veterinary team will be at your pet’s side, offering care and compassion while your pet is staying with us. You can rely on Diamond Veterinary Hospital to be there when they need it most.

If your pet is experiencing an urgent health issue that may require constant monitoring, please call (425) 230-6880 or contact us online to speak with a member of our veterinary team.

Critical Care for Local Pets

There are many reasons our veterinary team might recommend hospitalization. If your pet needs fluids administered or oxygen treatment in connection with an urgent or emergency health condition, we will care for them onsite at Diamond Veterinary Hospital. We are fully equipped to provide everything your pet needs to support their health and recovery. Our veterinary team is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep a close eye on your pet while they stay with us.

Your pet may need to be hospitalized if…

  • They are recovering from a complex surgery
  • They are recovering from a serious illness
  • They have experienced severe trauma
  • They are having trouble breathing
  • They need a blood transfusion

There are other reasons not listed above that might require hospitalization for your pet. Regardless of the reason requiring your pet to be admitted to our hospital, you can be sure they will be well looked after by your veterinarian in Everett.

When your pet is experiencing a health crisis, bring them in to see us at Diamond Veterinary Hospital right away. Our team will triage your pet first, which involves examining them and using our onsite diagnostic services. Once we determine an approach to treating your pet’s condition, we will let you know what we recommend. If your pet needs supervision or special ongoing treatments, we may recommend they stay with us in our hospitalization facilities before we send them home.

Because we are a 24/7 facility, you can be sure your pet will be constantly monitored and receive the care they need as soon as they need it. As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we are proud to provide the highest quality of care for your pets.

Questions about hospitalization and ongoing care at Diamond Veterinary Hospital? Please call (425) 230-6880 or contact us online for answers.

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Real Reviews from Real Clients
  • “Best veterinary services in Everett. Great staff, excellent doctors. My 11 yr old cocker spaniel gets very anxious and they take extra special care of him! Dr. Hanna is the best!!”

    - Cheryl Crouch Hanson
  • “I've been taking my dogs to Diamond Vet for over 10 years and they are Awesome. The entire staff shows concern not only for my dogs but for my health too.”

    - Sue Coolbaugh
  • “Love Dr. Zakos;¬†she reassures me I'm a good mom to my pets!”

    - Dianna McKemy
  • “Everyone at Diamond Veterinary Services is caring, professional and friendly. My cat loves her caretakers when I board her, and I can leave her knowing she'll be safe and in good care.”

    - Janelle Farley-Beyer
  • “Thanks so much for having someone there 24/7! I'm not sure what I would have done without you!”

    - Betsy Starr

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